Enabling Transformation

There has been much progress in the fields of Transformation and Change Management in recent years.  The lessons are finally been learnt, models improved and revised processes implemented.  Finally businesses are starting to archive their objectives from successful transformation and successful change.

What is Transformation, is it Different from Change?

Absolutely change is different from transformation.  In the Harvard Business Review, Ron Ashkenas published great clarity of the difference.

“Change management” means implementing finite initiatives, which may or may not cut across the organization.  The focus is on executing a well-defined shift in the way things work.

Transformation is another animal altogether. Unlike change management, it doesn’t focus on a few discrete, well-defined shifts, but rather on a portfolio of initiatives, which are interdependent or intersecting.  More importantly, the overall goal of transformation is not just to execute a defined change — but to reinvent the organization and discover a new or revised business model based on a vision for the future.  It’s much more unpredictable, iterative, and experimental.  It entails much higher risk.

Engage Transformation for your Organisation

Engaging a experienced Transformation Programme Manager to deliver that overall goal, that business objective, that vision for the future, brings together business acumen with solid programme management experience, to manage that higher risk and provide the best opportunity for success.

The approach of Cayman Blue Consulting is to select industry best practices, models and processes appropriately for the Transformation being considered as very rarely does one method fit all programmes.  Make contact today and understand what difference can be made for your organisation.

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